The Wedding Dress Diet


Table of Contents


Chapter One: Taking Stock

  • Height, weight, and more: How to correctly take your
    measurements, plus the charts you need for recording them.
  • Surreal vs. ideal weight
  • How do you compare? Height-to-weight and Body Mass Index charts

Chapter Two: Hide and Seek... Your Best and Worst Features

  • Physical features you can change through diet, exercise, and/or styling...and those you can’t.
  • A contract to make with yourself
  • Getting support from family, friends, and elsewhere
  • Excess weight isn’t everything

Chapter Three: Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Figure

  • Why you need to order your dress now--well before you reach your goal weight--and how to deal with the problems that can arise from this situation
  • Your figure type: Finding a dress that
    flatters it
  • Sleeves, bodices, necklines, makeup, hairstyles,
    and more that will maximize/minimize your best/worst physical attributes
  • Glossary of wedding dress style terms
  • How shopping for a wedding dress differs from other clothes shopping: 
    Six facts to know before you go to the bridal salon

Chapter Four: Calorie Countdown

  • King Calorie and Queen Nutrients--why both must rule your diet
  • Where exercise fits in * Calculating your calorie allowance
  • Your daily duty: charting “calories in” and “energy out”
  • How to count, measure, or weigh what you eat today
  • The Wedding Dress Diet Food and Fitness Log
  • The size of “one serving”
  • How to estimate how much you’re eating when you’re away from your own kitchen

Chapter Five: Exercising for Results

  • What’s a “workout”...and what’s not
  • Calories used per minute
    for different activities
  • Calculating your Exercise Heart Rate
  • Counting calories isn’t enough: How to shape, tone, and defineyour features
  • The truth about cellulite
  • Why it’s great to have an exercise buddy
  • Choosing a gym, personal trainer, and more
  • Posture pointers: How to “lose” five pounds in one minute
  • Exercise myths and realities
  • Calorie burners and toners you can do while you’re doing other things

Chapter Six: Eating Between Fittings

  • Danger: Skipping meals
  • Eating on the run or on the road: Best choices at the fast-food restaurant, sit-down chain restaurant,
    supermarket, convenience store, and more

Chapter Seven: Showered With Calories

  • Keeping your head--and your diet--at all of the functions thrown in your honor: bridal showers, luncheons with co-workers, nights out with the girls, the rehearsal dinner...and even the wedding!
  • Special tips for safely navigating a buffet line and surviving 
    “samplings” at the caterer’s

Chapter Eight: Setting Up a Slim Kitchen

  • Slim-conscious cookware and gadgets
  • Stocking the pantry
  • Recommended cookbooks, calorie counters, magazines, newsletters, websites, and more

Chapter Nine: Coping With Stress... And Its Physical Souvenirs

  • Seventeen tips for beating pre-wedding stress
  • Stress-busting
    vitamins, herbs, and beauty treatments
  • Stress leaves its marks: 
    dealing with dark circles and puffy eyes, acne, cold sores,
    irritable bowel syndrome
  • How to argue productively

Chapter Ten: Dining On Your Honeymoon... And Happily Ever After

  • How to indulge--but not “bloat it”--on your honeymoon
  • Workouts for two (sex counts!)
  • Maintaining your weight loss after the
    honeymoon is over
  • Recipe for real life: Shop wisely, prepare
    creatively, portion judiciously...and get your new husband on the bandwagon!
  • Family gatherings don’t have to be diet disasters
  • A host of subtle ways to cut fat and calories in your everyday cooking
  • Charting your weight on every anniversary
  • Some final words of wisdom

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The Wedding Dress Diet