The Wedding Dress Diet


The Wedding Dress Diet

Lose Weight and Look Great on Your Wedding Day and Beyond

by Robyn Flipse, R.D., and Jacqueline Shannon

An upcoming wedding is the ultimate weight-loss motivator. Every bride-to-be wants to look perfect on her big day. However, the constant stresses of planning a wedding can cause women to stop taking care of themselves, no matter how hard they try. From hiring a band to selecting the dinner menu, from choosing the photographer to the color of the cocktail napkins, losing weight and keeping in shape often fall by the wayside for a busy fiancée, until it is too late to take any rational steps. She may resort to fad diets, or something worse, just to keep up with her dress fittings and her own physical expectations.

Registered dietitian Robyn Flipse and freelance health writer Jacqueline Shannon have heard too many horror stories from brides who compromised their physical and mental health while planning what was supposed to be one of the greatest moments of their lives. Finally, in The Wedding Dress Diet:
Lose Weight and Look Great on Your Wedding Day and Beyond (Main Street Books/Doubleday; Publication Date: January 4, 2000; Price: $14.00), Flipse and Shannon present a sensible weight loss plan for readers with one year, six months, or even three months to go before their big day. The Wedding Dress Diet not only helps readers to achieve the body they want for their wedding and beyond, but also to manage the overall stress of getting married, and make the experience a memory they will never want to forget.

With The Wedding Dress Diet, the first such diet book of its kind, brides-to-be learn step-by-step how to take control of their eating habits, in the days and weeks leading up to their big day. Chapter highlights include sensible and easy ways for readers to find the perfect blend of food management and exercise throughout their wedding journey, from the day after the engagement through the bridal showers and parties that sidetrack many brides, and even to the honeymoon and happily ever after. There are no magical methods used, or promises of quick and painless weight loss; instead, sound nutritional guidelines, combined with proven exercise and stress management techniques, place brides-to-be on a healthy track towards maintaining their well-being in preparation for the wedding day. Topics include:

  • Taking Stock - How to correctly take all your body measurements, including Height-to-Weight and Body Mass Index charts; plus, how to accurately record them to chart your progress.

  • Hide and Seek . . . Your Best and Worst Features - Learn which physical features you can (and can't) change through diet, exercise, and styling; recognize "More Than Meets the Eye" attributes to help get you through your diet, when self-confidence may not be at an all-time high.

  • Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Figure - Pinpoint your type of figure, and find the dress style that flatters your shape; how to maximize or minimize with your dress, makeup, and accessories; why you need to order your dress far in advance; and six important facts to know before you even get to the bridal salon.

  • The Calorie Countdown - Nutrition, calorie, and food serving basics; how to calculate a personal calorie "budget" for your diet, and set up a "food and fitness log" to chart your progress.

  • Exercising for Results - "Pick your Passion," or, how to select a proper workout to complement your new eating strategies; exercises to shape, tone, and define (even when you're doing other things!); how to exercise properly and with the greatest results; exercise myths and realities.

  • Eating Between Fittings - The importance of meals vs. snacks; surviving mall food courts, convenience stores, and other everyday eating distractions.

  • Showered with Calories - How to handle inevitable but potentially disastrous pre-wedding eating events, from "Tasting Night with the Caterer" and a "Night out with the Girls," to "The Surprise Bridal Shower," rehearsal dinner, and the big day itself.

  • Setting Up a Slim Kitchen - Preparing to "remodel" your kitchen to reflect your new eating habits, from fun gadgets to stocking the pantry.

  • Coping with Stress . . . and Its Physical Souvenirs - Coping not only with food issues, but your future mother-in-law as well: reducing stress by learning how to say "no," blowing soap bubbles, or giving yourself a deserved pep talk.

  • Dining on Your Honeymoon . . . And Happily Ever After - "Workouts for Two"; how to get your husband eating as healthy as you've been; and keeping it up forever.

In addition, The Wedding Dress Diet provides a multitude of alternative outlets to support readers with their diets. Flipse and Shannon outline a plethora of website resources geared for brides-to-be to share wedding nightmares and fantasies, as well as recommend healthy living magazines, exercise videos and books, and cookbooks. With the flexibility and straightforwardness of The Wedding Dress Diet, brides-to-be will find that planning a wedding may not be the easiest project in the world, but it does not include sacrificing their sanity or their figure either. When the party's over, and the dress is safely hung up for the last time, even if they can't recall every wedding detail, Flipse and Shannon remind readers . . . doesn't every woman ultimately remember what size dress she wore on the day she got married?

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The Wedding Dress Diet