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" Wedding Dress Woes"

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Ask any woman if she is happy with her body and she will undoubtedly say "No," then proceed to list the usual figure flaws. But for a bride-to-be, figure flaws seem to become a matter of life or death. No one wants to walk down the aisle, all eyes upon her, with "thunder thighs," "a pot belly," and/or "flabby wings." Fortunately, no one has to.

By now you've probably figured out that the perfect wedding takes lots of time and heaps of planning. If so, you're making daily "to-do" lists and checking them twice. Fitting into the perfect gown takes the same strategy.

A series of fad diets interspersed with bouts of manic exercise will not help you get into shape for your big day or stay in shape for a minute after. You need a more personal approach to lose your unwanted pounds and firm those reluctant muscles.

. If you are ready to commit to an eating and exercise overhaul, you will reap endless benefits. Try to think of The Wedding Dress Diet as a new part-time job. Yes, it's more work for you at a time when you're already super busy, but the payoff is also like a second income. You will look and feel great, and can continue to collect the dividends as long as you do the work.

. As with any new job, there's some paperwork to complete. In this case, it is figuring out what your body measurements are now. Then you can follow the chapter-by-chapter instructions that will help you change your size and shape into something you'll be proud to have captured in all those wedding photos (some of which may crop up again--even in your local newspaper--when you celebrate wedding milestones...such as your 50th anniversary!).

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The Wedding Dress Diet