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The Wedding Dress Diet is not monotonous, but it is rigid . . . especially if, like Fergie, you have only a blessed few weeks left till your big day. We are going to coach you to be hyperstrict about calories and exercising during the weeks or months you are dieting. You have to be, because unlike most dieters, you have a hard and fast deadline for losing the weight: your wedding day. What makes our plan special, however, is that you get to decide on the relative rigidity of your personal plan. We provide a simple formula to enable you to determine exactly how many calories you must limit yourself to eating each day and how much exercising you must do based on the weeks or months till your wedding and the number of pounds you want to lose. Another silver lining of the Wedding Dress Diet is that we give you lots and lots of tips and guidelines so that, even after you've reached your goal weight and can loosen up on your calorie and exercise quotas, you can eat deliciously and nutritiously while maintaining your weight loss forever and without feeling deprived or hungry or simply bored to death.

There are lots of other features in this diet book that make it so different from any other. For example:

We'll help you cope with this unique predicament: While you may feel that, say, the four months you have remaining till your wedding is ample time to reach your goal weight, you may be stunned to discover that you must order your wedding gown at least four to six months in advance . . . that is, well before you achieve the body you want!

With our chapter on selecting the right wedding dress, we will not leave out advice for you if, for whatever reason, you have not achieved the body you were hoping for before your wedding. With our suggestions on selecting the perfect neckline, skirt style, and so on, we will show you how to maximize your particular figure assets while minimizing those you're not happy with.

We are also very democratic. We recognize that most of our readers will be first-time brides, but we don't forget the second-time-around bride. In our exercise chapter, for example, we address the needs of the woman who is working on her second wedding and who may not have much time or energy for working out because she may be juggling not just a top-flight career but a couple of kids, as well. Another example: In our chapter on selecting the perfect wedding dress, we don't stop at helping brides mask common but changeable problems, such as a protruding tummy, but those who have irreversible "flaws," as well, such as being very short in stature.

Finally--and once again--we won't abandon you at the altar! Our book takes you well beyond your wedding day. We're providing not just simple, delicious ways to maintain your new figure for years to come, but also tips on such topics as how to indulge but not overdo it on your honeymoon and how to get your husband and your in-laws to adapt--or at least tolerate and support--your new healthy lifestyle.

Congratulations on your engagement. And now, let's go, girl.


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The Wedding Dress Diet