The Wedding Dress Diet


About The AuthorsRobyn Flipse, author of The Wedding Dress Diet

Robyn Flipse, R.D. is a registered dietitian who has run a busy nutrition counseling practice in New Jersey for the last fifteen years. She has been featured on network and cable television programs such as CNN and Lifetime, and has been widely quoted in professional and consumer publications, including USA Today, Good Housekeeping and Environmental Nutrition. She still fits into her Wedding Dress. Flipse has written another book, Fighting the Freshman Fifteen.

Jacqueline Shannon is an award-winning freelance journalist specializing in health, parenting and women's issues. In addition to her columns for Cosmopolitan, her work has been published in Redbook, Woman's Day, Mademoiselle, Fitness, Health, Seventeen, McCall's, Working Woman and numerous other national publications. She is also the author of Why It's Great to Be a Girl, Sexy at Any Size and New Mother's Body Book. She lives in La Mesa, California.

The Wedding Dress Diet: Lose Weight and Look Great on Your Wedding Day and Beyond
by Robyn Flipse, R.D., and Jacqueline Shannon
ISBN: 0-385-49901-9
$14.00 US/$22.00 Canada
Publication Date: January 4th, 2000
Published by Main Street Books/Doubleday

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The Wedding Dress Diet